Welcome to our new members

Exciting morning!

Today we welcomed 3 new members to our “Include Me” group. First to arrive was Sheila and her husband Len, who after meeting everyone and sitting down with a refreshing cup of tea, served up by Ann, our glamorous assistant for the morning, chatted away with David and Joe about all sorts of things. A late arrival was Ron, a lovely man who saw our advertisement in the L25 Woolton Times and decided to come along and join us. The surprising thing is, that Ron lives in the same road as Joe and Joan, so they enjoyed chatting and catching up on the latest “news” in their road. The feedback from them all was that they enjoyed being with us, as they were made to feel really welcome by everyone in the group and they are looking forward to joining us again next week.

A big thank you to all our volunteers, as without you, we wouldn’t exist, your enthusiasm and kindness to everyone in the group is selfless.


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