Visit to the Museum of Liverpool

What a wonderful day!

On Wednesday, 4th February, our happy group visited the Museum of Liverpool located on the Strand. I arranged for a guide to undertake a memory walk with the group through the Museum, which I thought would be a really good, mind jogging experience, especially for the older members of the group and also for younger members of the group who could learn more about the History of Liverpool and how we lived. We had a wonderful guide, Sophia, who took the group through various galleries in the Museum and chatted to us all about our memories of Liverpool life. The highlight of the morning for everyone was sitting in the old Overhead Railway carriage and hearing from Sophia, the History of the Overhead Railway. The conversations between the group about their memories of the Overhead Railway, proved really interesting and there were some highly amusing anecdotes from some!

After our tour with Sophia, the group to enjoyed their picnics in the Educational area and everyone chatted about the amazing morning they had had. After lunch we continued our exploration of the Museum as a group, taking in all the areas we hadn’t seen in the morning and again the memories shared within the group of things they experienced when growing up was really interesting to everyone. We left the Museum at 3.00pm, happy and exhausted, to make our way by minibus, back to Linksview.

What a wonderful day we all had and we all agreed that we would like to revisit the Museum again as it was so good. Our grateful thanks go to the staff of the Museum of Liverpool for organising a guided tour for us and also reserving the picnic area for our group. We have such amazing places in our city to visit which are free of charge and hopefully we will be visiting another place of interest in the city next month, so watch this space.


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