Who We Are

F A Q’s

We will be as open and transparent as possible.

Currently we are looking for Partner organisations to work with in developing our projects.

A Social Enterprise is a company that works for the benefit of the community, with any profits made by the company being reinvested for the benefit of the community. A Social Enterprise is registered with Companies House and is a legal entity.


The aims of Include Me C.I.C. are as follows:

To become involved, i.e work, in the local community in the themes mentioned on our Home web page.

That the work of the company will contribute to people becoming more involved in the community in which they live.

That as a company Include Me C.I.C. consults the local community, wherever possible, it is no use having ideas, if nobody is willing to take them up.

That there will be a benefit to the community.

The company Include Me C.I.C. constantly develops new ideas for the community

The company Include Me C.I.C. has a positive impact on the community.


We are located in South Liverpool, close to the airport.IMeFinal

The Directors of Include Me C.I.C. gained their experience as follows.

By working in business for many years in Liverpool and throughout the United Kingdom.

By being in business understanding the problems associated with winning business, we class small jobs as being business.

By employing and interviewing people and managing the work life balances of people.

The demands put on business, especially small business by regulation.

In associated work, talking to people about their problems, such as losing a wife, husband or partner and the feelings associated with that of emptiness and in particular loneliness.





The initial aim of Include Me C.I.C. is the growing problem of Loneliness. The company will in the following weeks, September 2013, commence its work in the community to tackle loneliness. Our aim is to seek out people who class themselves as being “lonely” and to develop with individuals and groups community solutions. Above all Include Me C.I.C. has to consult as we can only look for willingness to engage.


Like any other company Include Me C.I.C. will need to generate income from its business activities. At present the company is funded by finance from concerned private individuals to establish the company. In the longer term the company must develop its own income stream or tender for work in the general marketplace, with profits funding the work within the community. As the current cutbacks continue due to budget cuts, we consider self supporting streams of finance to be very important.


The future plans of the company are to develop the other themes,

Lack of Opportunity and access to markets.

Education and Training

Understanding I.T

Remove barriers that stop inclusion.


Simply use our contact page or simply just give us a call. We can discuss with you in more detail what we are trying to achieve and how the company came into existence. We are also looking to engage with other organisations, public sector, private sector and other like minded individuals to develop our themes.