More Teddies for Cleft Palate Children in India

Visit to Alder Hey Hospital

Janet, Louise, Dr. Chris, Heather and Lynn

Janet, Louise, Dr. Chris, Heather and Lynn

On Thursday, 8th January 2015 I went to the Cleft Palate Department  at Alder Hey Hospital with Lynn and Brian, fellow Rotarians of Garston Rotary Club. We met with Dr. Chris, Louise and Heather who are all part of the team going to India again to perform cleft palate surgeries and to take care of the children both pre and post op. They are all amazing people and make such a difference in children’s lives with their skills and talents. The band of knitters from Include Me, Garston Rotary Club and the many other people who contribute to creating the teddies for the children, have surpassed all expectations with the numbers received since September last year. Include me received 53 teddies in total, which is an amazing amount and we also received some beany hats knitted by a lady for the babies. The donation of teddies and hats was received with grateful thanks from the team as they will make such a difference in the lives of the children who receive them.

The team are travelling out to India again in September 2015 and they need us to keep knitting! So for our band of knitters, thank you do much for your kindness and generosity in making the teddies for the children, they make such a difference!

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