Include Me – Fourth meeting at Linksview

We had a very interesting and busy morning at Linksview on Wednesday. There were a number of very interested people who came and who are keen to input ideas and suggestions, but also help us to take the group forward, which is an amazing result at this early stage of the group’s development. We started at our usual time 10.00am and before we knew it, it was 12.40 and nearly time to wash up, I don’t know where the time went, but the conversation, ideas and laughter from the group made us feel that setting up this group was a great idea!! We will now be working on the ideas and suggestions which we currently have and building on them over the course of the next few weeks.

Our main aim of Include Me is for it to be driven from the ground upwards by people inputting their ideas and suggestions and not us dictating to people what we feel people may want to see and do.

So if you want to come along and see what you can contribute to the group,  we are at Linksview, Vale Road, Woolton every Wednesday morning from 10.00am to 1 pm. See you there.

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