Include Me celebrates it’s 2nd Birthday

What a wonderful morning !

We celebrated our 2nd Birthday on Wednesday, 16th September 2015. I can’t believe that we have reached 2 years since Michael and I started the group on the 17th September 2013. We have survived with no funding, but have been supported by generous organisations from such organisations as Garston Rotary Club, Woolton Round Table and also generous individuals, who have been involved in sponsored bike races, marathon races and who have run competitions to raise funds for us to pay our rent each month, fund our refreshments and allow us to take the group on days out. We are eternally grateful to all those Individuals who work so hard to ensure that our group continues. 

Our 2nd Birthday Party was a wonderful occasion, we had plenty of volunteers who turned up early, to decorate our room with balloons and banners. We received donations of sandwiches and a special Birthday cake from the lovely Joy, who couldn’t be with us on the day and numerous, wonderful raffle prizes donated by generous Individuals. The tables were decorated with a group of 3 of our knitted teddies, sitting back to back in the centre of each of the tables, surrounded by lashings of m&m’s, quickly eaten by our wonderful group! We had lots of fun and lots of dancing to some fabulous music provided by Lionel Richie.

We will be posting photos soon on our website, so be sure to visit often.

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