Great to see you all !!!

Going from strength to strength !

I returned to Linksview last Wednesday morning after being away for 2 weeks to find that the numbers of people in the group had swelled again!!! I am starting to get the feeling that if I am not there, more people come to the group! but I have been assured that that is not the case. I do know that we have a number of people who now come to the group who saw our advertisement in the L25 Woolton Times, so we are extremely grateful to Margaret for running the add for us in her publication.

As you know from my previous postings, Wednesday, 16th September 2015 is our second birthday. When Michael and I started the “Include Me” group, we didn’t expect it to run after the first 10 week initial hire of the Linksview room, but here we are now, nearly 2 years old and still going strong and without any funding, just keeping going with voluntary donations. We are extremely grateful to all those people who have contributed to our group by offering their time as a volunteer, or making a financial contribution to keep our group running. Our motto of “Working together, we will achieve so much more” has proved to be so true

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