Linksview and creativity

I am late again publishing a post for last week, but I am sure that our regular readers won’t mind!. Our session today was extremely busy with the usual hustle and bustle going on, people chatting to each other and creating new friendships, which is what we all like to see. We had Joy with […]

Linksview – 12th February 2014

What a wonderful morning we had today, full of fun and excitement and the morning went extremely quickly. We welcomed back Mark this morning and he was roped into displaying his dancing skills with Gillian, Jenny and Linda, he did say he had two left feet but he danced really well. We had some new […]

Wednesday, 5th February 2014

Today at our Linksview session we had a new visitor, Sue who we welcomed in for tea, coffee and a chat with our regular visitors. The morning was as usual, lively and entertaining with a number of activities going on which everyone enjoyed. The people in the group who are knitting are progressing well, Including […]

Garston Rotary Club

Myself, Fran and Sylvia went to Garston Rotary Club last night to hear a talk by Heather McClements from Alder Hey Childrens’ Hospital. The talk was about transforming the lives of children and some adults, in Nagpur, India who desperately need cleft palate surgery, to help them lead normal lives. The talk from Heather covered […]

Linksview – 29th January 2013

This week was well attended again by our regulars and also some people who are new to our group. Everyone was welcomed into the group by Fran, Michael, Sylvia and Linda whether it was their first time there or they attend regularly. As usual, tea, coffee and the endless supply of biscuits was provide by […]

Linksview – 22nd January 2014

It has been a busy two weeks for us all at Include Me, hence the reason why this post is over a week late! The ideas and suggestions for our group activities are wide and varied and we are therefore trying to provide things of interest for everyone. I have been to a number of […]

New Year and new challenges ahead

We have just started the New Year with as much enthusiasm and energy as before but with very focused ideas on the way forward for the group at Linksview. This is because we have received so much positive feedback and ideas from people who attend the group, that it is truly encouraging for us to […]

The End of the Year 2013

We are coming to the end of 2013 and at “Include Me” we have reflected on the year and pondered at the year to come in 2014. Before we consider our reflections, the managing board of “Include Me” thank all those who have helped on a volunteer basis at our “Live Events” For 2014 we […]

Include Me Talent Show at Linksview – 18th December 2013

For our last meeting of 2013, we decided to combine our meeting with a talent show staring at 11.30 am, with everyone participating in the event, including all the helpers. Richard, Pat and their group of ladies arrived about 10.30 am, really excited and dressed in their lovely Christmas jumpers and also Christmas earrings and […]

Include Me – Teddies for Cleft Palate Children in India

    We have had a number of people knitting teddies for cleft palate children in India. We heard of the need for teddies via a talk at Garston Rotary Club by Mr. Simon Van Eeden, a Consultant Surgeon at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. Each child is given a small, smiling ¬†teddy after […]