Include Me Christmas special !!

Surprise Event for Christmas  As I have previously posted, Include Me will not be having a Christmas party this year, instead I have organised the private showing of a film at the Woolton Picture House. The film we are going to watch is, “Its a Wonderful Life”, a classic Christmas film, a real tear jerker, […]

Extra special visitor

James Michael Keefe This week, we welcomed the newest  and youngest member of Include Me, James Michael Keefe aged 12 days old! He came to our group this week with his Mum and Dad, Luke and Steph, who proudly showed him off to the group. As most of you know, Steph has been attending our […]

Fun times ahead

Fun times ahead for us all It has been a few weeks since my last post and I know you have been missing the posts we send out each week on our wonderful group. The wonderful Barbara has been away for a couple of weeks, but returned to our group this week to continue teaching us […]

Come and join the fun

This week at Linksview Come along to our “Include Me” group this Wednesday at 10am and join in the fun learning to Line Dance with the lovely Barbara. We were fortunate enough last week to welcome Barbara to our group, she learnt about our group from Ray, a member of Garston Rotary Club and said […]

Include Me celebrates it’s 2nd Birthday

What a wonderful morning ! We celebrated our 2nd Birthday on Wednesday, 16th September 2015. I can’t believe that we have reached 2 years since Michael and I started the group on the 17th September 2013. We have survived with no funding, but have been supported by generous organisations from such organisations as Garston Rotary […]

Donation of Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes needed for our Birthday Party on the 16th September 2105 This is an appeal to anyone and everyone out there. We are in urgent need of raffle prizes for our second birthday party on Wednesday, 16th September 2015. If you, or you know of anyone who could donate raffle prizes, please call Janet […]

Great to see you all !!!

Going from strength to strength ! I returned to Linksview last Wednesday morning after being away for 2 weeks to find that the numbers of people in the group had swelled again!!! I am starting to get the feeling that if I am not there, more people come to the group! but I have been assured […]

So happy to see you all !

Thank you all for coming ! Week on week, I never cease to be amazed by the number of wonderful people who come through our doors each week. The enthusiasm of the volunteers who help each week, making our mornings so special and enjoyable for everyone, to the people who come to make new friends […]

ASDA Hunts Cross

Numbers are growing ! Keep up the good work and thank you,  to all the people who, after shopping at ASDA and asking for green tokens, are continuing to put their tokens in the Include Me box at ASDA in Hunts Cross. Let’s see if we can get the most and swell our coffers by […]

L25 Woolton Times

Thank you Margaret ! Include Me run an advertisement in the bi-monthly publication of the L25 Woolton Times, courtesy of Margaret, who runs the magazine. The July/ August edition was delivered by the L25 Woolton Times team on Wednesday, to the residents of Woolton and within 24 hours of delivery, we received enquiries from 2 […]