Include Me – First meeting at St. Francis of Assisi meeting rooms

A big thank you to all those people who turned up at St. Francis of Assisi meeting rooms today for our launch of Include Me in the Garston area. We had a good mix of people, full of interesting stories and contributing ideas and suggestions for the way forward for developing the group.

Linksview Meeting 4th December 2013

We had a busy day today, there were lots of people arriving to enjoy the morning with us, for chat, refreshments and the surprise of some Italian biscuits which I bought back for the group from my recent trip to Rome. There were lots of activities going on within the group, from a knitting circle […]

Include Me – Linksview – 20th November 2013

Another good day at Linksview. As the weeks go bye, we at Include Me are now becoming more aware of how people are reacting to us, and more importantly how we are going to react to them in the future. The day itself was good again and a very kind gentleman gave us a donation […]

St Francis of Assisi Meeting Rooms – 14th November 2013

Had a really interesting morning today at St Francis’s. We had a meeting with a gentleman from one of the other church parishes nearby, who came along to see what we were up to. It turns out that he does something similar and came along to see if we could maybe combine resources or work […]

Include Me – Linksview – 13th November 2013

Today was really good at Linksview. We initially had the idea of just a 10 week period here of seeing how are ideas of tackling social isolation  would evolve and it has moved along far faster than our initial expectations. The directors of Include Me have now decided to extend the 10 week initial period […]

St Francis of Assisi Meeting Rooms – 31st October and 7th November 2013

The mornings at St Francis continue and we would like to thank those who attend to support the group moving along. Both the mornings of the 31st and the 7th were very similar, with general conversations, it was very pleasant., interesting and also funny. We are however not reaching into the community of Garston as […]

Include Me – Linksview – 6th November 2013

There was a great deal of anticipation on my part today for the Linksview morning. Janet was away today due to other commitments, but we had our first real activity, planned by Janet and the other ladies, the previous week. It was time for the knitting activity this morning. Francis, Silvia and  Evelyn were well […]

Include Me – Linksview – 30th October 2013

We had a wonderful morning today at Linksview, lots of new faces to see and to chat to over tea and coffee. We not only had people from the local area, but people from other areas who had heard about Include Me from friends and decided to come and see what we are all about. […]

Include Me – St. Francis of Assisi Meeting Rooms – 24th October 2013

We are late publishing last weeks post due to our catching up on the work we need to do to make things happen for this group. We had a good group of people at the meeting, all happily chatting and sharing stories of their lives and thoughts on how the group should progress. A lot […]