More Teddies for Cleft Palate Children

Janet and Lynn with Louise and Heather 2015

On Friday, December 11th 2015, Janet from Include Me and Lynn and Brian from Garston Rotary Club presented over 100 teddies to Louise and Heather, from Alder Hey Children's Hospital, who are also part of the Cleft Palate Team, travelling to India later this month.The teddies are to be given to each of the children who will receive cleft palate surgery during the teams visit. Thanks to the hard work of all the knitters from Include Me, their relatives and friends and also the ladies who have knitted teddies for Lynn, we know that so many smiles will be created when the children receive the teddies after their surgeries. Janet also presented some knitted hats and jumpers for the babies that had been donated to Include Me. Lynn also presented colouring books and pencils for the older children.We are all looking forward to hearing about the success of the surgeries upon their return and we are hoping that Heather will visit our Include Me group one Wednesday morning, to tell us all about the outcome of their trip.We are now collecting teddies, hats and jumpers for the Cleft Palate team's next trip to India in September 2016, so keep on knitting!! If you know someone who would be interested in knitting for the children, please contact Janet on 07894 585689 and she will send you a pattern.


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More Teddies for Cleft Palete Children in India.Janet, Louise, Dr. Chris, Heather and Lynn

Janet, Louise, Dr. Chris, Heather and Lynn 

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Some of the things which hold people back..

Old man praying With an ageing population, divorce and other factors, the number of people living alone has risen dramatically in the United Kingdom. A person with an active social life, especially mobility, can alleviate the problems associated with loneliness. A person who does not have sufficient finance, has an illness, lack of mobility or other problems which prevents socialising , can suffer from the feelings of isolation such as loneliness. Include Me C.I.C. takes a pragmatic view on loneliness and our solution is to engage in the community with events and social activities.

In most people's lives, there have been times when an opportunity for some type of position has arisen, be it a job, an appointment to a board or a committee. At times however, we are disappointed because we failed to achieve our goal, despite thinking that we had the suitable skills or qualifications. On occasions, the lack of opportunity especially in the job market, can not only be frustrating, but can also become depressing, "why should I bother", can set into a persons mind. We at Include Me C.I.C., know of the frustrations trying to move ahead to achieve your goals, only to be frustrated by reasons beyond your control, such as a lack of opportunities where you may live, access to tenders or a lack of suitable training.

Unemployment, a social problem that has an impact on so many people in similar and different ways. We have all known someone or found ourselves in a situation of unemployment. From the financial problems it can cause in the home or leading to feelings of rejection,unemployment is a big problem that society faces, especially with young people. Include Me C.I.C takes the view that everyone should be employed, the reasons why there is unemployment are complex, just listen to different political parties and their solutions to the unemployment problem. We at Include Me C.I.C take the view that using local people from the community to do local work is a step in the right direction.

How much time have we all spent struggling with a PC, trying to do something or just as you are about to send an email, the PC crashes. unless you are PC savvy, you call an engineer or Tech Support to help you. You are told your hard drive has gone and its gong to take a while to fix, so you go and do something else for the rest of day. At Include Me C.I.C., we use I.T. like most businesses these days. There is no doubt that I.T. is becoming more complex and with that complexity comes more problems and the need for more knowledge. As Government and Business put more information and services on-line, what do people do who find I.T. difficult or do not even have a PC. We at Include Me C.I.C. believe that not having access to I.T. and on-line information is leading to forms of isolation and economic barriers.

Include Me C.I.C. is a company and in order to operate as a company we need goods and services to be provided to us. The Directors of Include Me, have many years experience in business and we are always surprised how we cannot find people or companies in the local area to provide services that we require at an affordable price. Training people is a good idea, but when a person completes the training and cannot find any employment, this can lead to frustration. Training of people young or old is very important and Include Me C.I.C. is looking forward to developing workable solutions to the double requirement of training and employment.

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